May 31, 2002

McCarthyism redux?

My immediate response to the new "guidelines" announced by Ashcroft yesterday was negative (I confess that I have a knee-jerk reaction to the A-G; if he's for it, I'm agin' it); Nicholas Kristof of the NYT has a more reasoned response from my side of the issue.

Anybody need a bulletproof (actually bulletproof, not in the figurative sense) computer? There's a prototype out; but it runs Windows, so how bulletproof can it be?

I am getting old, I think; I never used to feel sleepy after lunch, but now. . .it's a struggle to read and comprehend all my myriad of newsletters once I've scarfed up my (in today's case) corn dog slathered in mustard. It's not that I think napping is wrong or immoral, but vanity (I suppose) is keeping me from giving in to the urge. Sigh.

Posted by Linkmeister at May 31, 2002 10:20 PM