July 25, 2002

Be careful out there

Privacy advocates, take note: here's a cautionary tale about Google and its ilk. Here's another privacy article, with some useful links in the right sidebar.

The initial act of a suicide bomber isn't the only danger he or she presents; his victim may end up with embedded bone fragments from the blast. One such injury tested positive for Hepatitis B.

Our boy Ashcroft is still in the NRA's pocket, in case you had any doubt.

Just for fun, here's a genuine old-fashioned liberal diatribe against Bush pere, fils and their corporate buddies. Anyone for storming the barricades, now that Ashcroft will let us own guns with impunity?

Posted by Linkmeister at July 25, 2002 03:56 PM

i found the first article rather ... ok, duh? she was upset that her life was googlable after she posted it on the web? hello?

i am quite googlable. i know this. i blog accordingly.

the only thing that really concerns me is that i'd really like to get a PO box and change my WHOIS records, however since i don't use NETSOL it's quite difficult to get those personal details like it is with NETSOL's database. not impossible, but certainly it would take a rather savvy person to find the stuff.

one of these days, i'll get that PO box. in the meantime, i just worry a little.

Posted by: kd at July 25, 2002 09:45 PM

The bone fragments thing makes sense - years ago I worked in an x-ray dept and we had a guy whose arm had been blown off in an industrial accident. He also had a puncture wound in his leg, which was hugely swollen, and it was assumed that part of the machine that had exploded was embedded in his leg. After they x-rayed him they realised that it was a piece of bone from his arm! It had gone into his leg with such force that it had broken his thigh bone :o

Posted by: Shelagh at July 26, 2002 03:08 AM