July 29, 2002

Who needs a boss like this?

Why I deplore George W. Bush, Part whatever: because he continues to bash and belabor civilian employees of the government he's supposed to be leading. As previously noted, he would dearly love to eliminate civil service protection from all those folks about to get merged into the Department of Homeland Security, but that's not the only time he's attacked them. Tom Friedman cites a few examples. So does Benjamin Barber.

For Christmas, I want a time machine. The movie industry also wants such a device; it seems to think if it could only revert to the days when it owned the distribution channels (theaters) all would be well. Unfortunately, Congress seems to be listening. Among the Congresspeople listening, according to News.com, is Sen. Joe Biden. "Biden's new bill would make it a federal felony to try and trick certain types of devices into playing your music or running your computer program." So, in theory, if you had to resort to trickery to get past some protection scheme in order to play your garage-band recording, you could end up in jail.

Where were these services when last I worked for somebody else? For a fee, they'll sell you salary data about your job industry-wide.

Posted by Linkmeister at July 29, 2002 03:49 PM

so, if i were to want to play legally obtained DVDs with my open source software, which the developers don't have the resources to pay the licensing on the unencryption scheme, Biden's law would make me a criminal?

yes, i have legally obtained content i can't play. funny the consumers are the ones that voted these bastards in, and they promptly turn around and set these laws on maximum screwage for the consumer.

oh, i'm having a bit of an angry moment here. .

Posted by: kd at July 30, 2002 07:19 PM