August 09, 2002

Map that hair and budget

I like maps. Mapquest is all very well, but I like maps I can lay out on the kitchen table (ok, once I clear it off) and draw routes on. So I found this article about paper-map online sources a hoot.

In the pharma business there's a phrase, "off-label"; it means uses other than the one for which the drug was intended. Well, y'all may have heard of Gleevec, Novartis' leukemia drug? A French researcher has discovered that in some cases, it restores gray hair to its original color. Don't block the exits, folks, I'm on my way!

I'm pretty broke, but if I behaved like our illustrious's an overview of where the surplus has gone, and why there's no end in sight.

When Kurtz takes a good-natured poke at you, you've either arrived or you're a topic of derision. In this case, ruminating on the lack of activity in Washington during the summer, he says "Some of the bloggers have stopped blogging, leaving more bandwidth for the rest of us."

Posted by Linkmeister at August 9, 2002 02:01 PM

Don't you dare dye your grey hair!!!!!!!
I love grey hair...

Posted by: toxiclabrat at August 11, 2002 01:11 PM

Never fear! I think I look exdistinguished! ;)

Posted by: Linkmeister at August 11, 2002 01:18 PM