October 03, 2002

Money talk

Drug profiteers at the wholesale level have apparently diverted HIV drugs from African destinations to Europe. That may be the most appalling case of greed I've heard of, even in a summer of hearing about corporate theft.

This is one of the better arguments for funding AMTRAK and letting the airlines go hang for more federal money/bailouts. In other transportation-related news, here's a pretty good overview of the impact dock strikes have on island communities (specifically Hawai'i).

Here's a new meaning for the term "player piano." In this instance it's one that is reputed to have been thrown into a pond by no less a personage than Babe Ruth, and it is being given iconic status (sort of) by Boston Red Sox fans. More music: if you bought a CD between 1995-2000, you may be eligible for a refund; a price-fixing case has been settled. Don't count the money too quickly, though; there's absolutely no idea of how to compensate the consumer.

Here are some tips on how to sell the useless-to-you on E-Bay.

If you've got an interest in what's happening with the world of domain names, you could do worse than bookmark this page; it tries to keep informed about all things ICANN and domain.

Posted by Linkmeister at October 3, 2002 03:23 PM

I don't need to sell Useless on E-Bay. Some poor clueless person married him.

*Ba dum dum.*

I so couldn't resist that. Sorry. Hee.

Posted by: Jen at October 5, 2002 06:00 PM

Aha! That explains it!

Posted by: Linkmeister at October 5, 2002 08:10 PM