October 08, 2002

Power devolves?

F YOU'RE wondering just what is behind the GAO suit to get Cheney's energy policy documents, and what's behind the workers' rights argument in the Homeland Security department, here's one answer: it's an attempted power grab by the executive branch. The GAO argument comes down to an attempt by the administration to eliminate the legislative branch's right to sue the executive for information. It would enable the executive branch to act with virtually no oversight from Congress, if the article's author is interpreting it correctly. So it is quite a serious issue buried under dusty language.

Now that we've reached the League Championship Series stage, we Hawai'i viewers are forced to hide from all sports news tickers every afternoon; our local television stations (be it Fox, ABC or NBC) all delay games until evenings, thinking that the majority of their viewers would prefer to see the games in their entirety, rather than just hear the results on the evening news. I have mixed feelings about this policy; on the one hand, for the average day-worker, it's a good thing, but for the work-from-home type like me, it doesn't much matter. The same thing happens with Monday Night Football. Weird, yeah?

Posted by Linkmeister at October 8, 2002 03:51 PM

It wouldn't surprise me if the Shrub Administration tried to introduce a law called, "Bury the Constitution." I even wonder if Bush knows what the Constitution is...he is SUCH a freakin' steamroller! UGH.

Posted by: JeanNINE at October 10, 2002 09:00 AM