December 09, 2002

Cookin' up some pols

New microwave installed! Frozen vegetables now easily cooked again! I'm a little bemused by separate controls for pizza, beverage, and popcorn; I suspect the designers were bitten by the "featuritis" bug, otherwise known as "we can, so we should".

The Administration continues to fight against FOIA requests. They're all for freedom of expression in the form of monetary contributions to political campaigns, but much less so when their own activities are subject to sunshine.

Here's some commentary about the hiring of Kissinger, Poindexter and Abrams (for those of you below a certain age, the latter two were heavily involved in and convicted of criminal misdeeds during Iran-Contra). The writer's conclusion: Bush "appears not to think they did anything wrong."

I thought the President's Dad was a reasonably good President, but I gotta believe the Navy is playing favorites when it names a new carrier after the guy.

Posted by Linkmeister at December 9, 2002 03:53 PM