January 10, 2003

Bush assault continues...

Judicial nominations are an attempt to subvert politics for the lifetime of the judges; let there be no doubt about it.

A liberal fantasy? On the contrary, the ever-candid Clint Bolick, a former Reagan Justice Department official and conservative activist, told The Post this week that "everyone on the right agreed in 2000 that judicial nominations were the single most important reason to be for Bush." The worst-kept secret in Washington: Judicial appointments are the tribute Bush pays to his political base.

"The closet fear of a lot of Democrats was that this [new department] was a union-busting activity..." That's in response to Transportation Security Administration head James Loy's decision to block attempts to unionize his agency. So the Democrats were apparently correct in their attempts to get organizing guarantees built into that legislation.

Some of us know Netflix; now there's a similar operation for books. It has pretty good prices and very few restrictions; a pre-paid return mailer is supplied!

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