April 30, 2003

Social issue day

Somebody on this radio show asked a simple question this week--"why are we considering tax cuts of any size when children are hungry and families are homeless?" Good question. (N.B. that person was Barbara Weinstein, Legislative Director of the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism).

Hey! Another treaty the Bushies don't like! "The United States told the World Health Organization this week that it is unlikely to sign the first treaty to curtail tobacco use worldwide unless the 171 nations that hammered out its language agree to a clause that would allow governments to opt out of any provision they find objectionable." (My italics) Yup. Protect the tobacco companies' right to advertise, and if it creates a loophole the size of RJ Reynolds' HQ, too bad. This country is rapidly becoming a treaty-dissing pariah.

To prove I can find something the President does that I do agree with, he's apparently going to push for his AIDS plan with fewer strings than I had anticipated, or that his fellow conservatives in the House are demanding.

Posted by Linkmeister at April 30, 2003 05:05 PM