November 12, 2003


Mr. Allen (all now bow in obeisance) is concerned that moving the MT-Blacklist news from his old blog to its new space caused some folks who might need updates to get lost.

Be it known, then, that the Comment Spam Clearinghouse can now be found here.

He wants these three points to be made

  • Submitting your spam strengthens the protection for everyone. Spam submission can be done here.
  • There are RSS feeds that you can (and should) subscribe to that help you stay updated on changes. Alternatively, you could simply refresh your list periodically with the master blacklist entries.
  • The Comment spam clearinghouse is NOT Movable Type specific. Spam is a community-wide problem and the blacklist can be used by anyone on any platform. More will follow in the coming weeks regarding an effort to broaden the base of protection to other weblogging platforms.

My duty is done. If I have helped but one poor spam-ridden blogger find his or her way out of the wilderness that is innumerable commercial comments imploring him or her to check out prescription drugs, viagra, or worse by clicking this site right now!!!, I shall have succeeded.

What are you waiting for?

Posted by Linkmeister at November 12, 2003 12:01 AM