March 02, 2004

More scientific outrage

Remember those 60 scientists who objected to the politicization of their field? Here's another good article about the subject from the Washington Post. The headline alone alerts the reader: Beware 'Sound Science.' It's Doublespeak for Trouble.

It all sounds noble enough, but the phrases "sound science" and "peer review" don't necessarily mean what you might think. Instead, they're part of a lexicon used to put a pro-science veneer on policies that most of the scientific community itself tends to be up in arms about. In this Orwellian vocabulary, "peer review" isn't simply an evaluation by learned colleagues. Instead, it appears to mean an industry-friendly plan to require such exhaustive analysis that federal agencies could have a hard time taking prompt action to protect public health and the environment. And "sound science" can mean, well, not-so-sound science.

That was published in the February 27 edition, so it may not be long for the free viewing; the gist may be found here at the author's blog.

Posted by Linkmeister at March 2, 2004 10:55 AM