March 19, 2004

Who are those guys?

Who were these folks?

  • Heinrich Schliemann
  • Howard Carter
  • Louis Leakey
  • George Hull
  • Hiram Bingham

Answers below.

  • Schliemann Discoverer of Troy
  • Carter Discoverer of King Tut's tomb
  • Leakey With wife Mary, discoverer of Lucy in Olduvai Gorge
  • Hull creator of the Cardiff Giant
  • Bingham Discoverer of Machu Picchu

No, I don't know why I thought of this.

Posted by Linkmeister at March 19, 2004 12:01 AM

I think the Leakey's are an extraordinary family.

Posted by: Pixelshim at March 19, 2004 04:33 AM

Thanks - I feel so much smarter now. Those urls are good for a lot of informational reading material, and I intend to read them.

Have a great weekend.


Posted by: cassie-b at March 19, 2004 05:02 AM

Pix, I saw Louis speak at the U of Arizona in 1968. He wasn't all that good a speaker, as I recall, but he did convey his excitement about the field very well.

Posted by: Linkmeister at March 19, 2004 10:11 AM

I got four of five. Does that mean I'm some kinda archi-nerd? ;-)

Posted by: Wulfgar at March 19, 2004 12:12 PM

Wulfgar, living where you do, I'd have been a little surprised if you hadn't gotten most of them. ;)

Posted by: Linkmeister at March 19, 2004 12:43 PM

I knew the first three. Actually, I knew Hull as well, but had forgotten. Who hasn't heard of Schliemann?

Posted by: Mac Thomason at March 19, 2004 04:22 PM

everytime I throw my toothbrush away, I think of Leakey....

Posted by: toxiclabrat at March 23, 2004 06:37 PM