September 10, 2004

The uncounted

This is even more disturbing than the 1,000+ combat deaths we already know about. From a Salon interview with John Pike of Global Security two days ago:

What else do you see that's wrong with the U.S. military's system of accounting for casualties?

No one's really bothered to ask whether U.S. soldiers have died after they are evacuated. No one's ever asked that question, or at least, no one's ever gotten a straight answer for that question.

I talked to another reporter who covers the Marines earlier today, and he said that the Marines just won't talk about it. They just will not answer the question. "No comment" is all they'll say. When asked why they're not releasing medical evacuation numbers, they say "because we're not."

Yeah, I wonder. How many soldiers have died on the way from the battlefield to the field hospital, or on the plane to Germany for further treatment, or even on the way to Walter Reed in Maryland? Not every soldier is as relatively lucky as B.D.

We know Mr. Bush won't go see funerals and we know there's a policy that won't allow the press to take pictures of coffins arriving at Dover AFB, so this should come as no surprise, I suppose, but still...

(Global Security link found at Body and Soul)

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