October 15, 2004

Truth will out

If you know anyone who still thinks the Swift Boat Vets are telling the truth, show them this. Nightline went to Vietnam and found soldiers there who corroborate Kerry's story. Here's a preview; transcript available tomorrow. Kevin Drum relates a particularly interesting piece of the story here. Apparently some of the Swifties went to Vietnam themselves, asked about the firefight, and didn't like the answers they got. That being the case, they left the content of those interviews out of their pack of lies book.

It's interesting that Richard Nixon, who had Charles Colson dig up John O'Neill of the Swifties, didn't think it would be right to challenge Kerry's service, but GWB did. It's also interesting that Richard Nixon was a WWII vet, while GWB was a man who didn't complete his stateside National Guard service. I wonder what Nixon would have thought of GWB?

Posted by Linkmeister at October 15, 2004 12:01 AM