February 13, 2005

Sacred or profane?

The Carnival of the Godless is interesting. It's a compilation of links to blog or forum posts which:

...must be from a godless perspective and address something such as atheism, church/state separation, the evolution/creation debate, theodicy, philosophy of religion, etc. There is a huge amount of wiggle room in the post subject and we will consider every submission carefully for inclusion.


"From a godless perspective" does NOT mean that you must be an atheist to send in a submission. There are plenty of theists who blog from a godless perspective. We welcome their posts. We will even consider posts criticizing godlessness in general, or atheism in particular. We recognize that there are some damned interesting theists out there who will have written relevant posts. We only ask that you do not submit a post that is just a short linking post, but rather something that shows off yours or someone else's writing ability.

The folks who have participated so far seem to be from the scientific part of the blogosphere, but that's just a rough guesstimate on my part. Version 3 is here, with links to the previous two.

Posted by Linkmeister at February 13, 2005 09:09 PM