September 25, 2005

Library Thing, updated

George Bush talks about "hard work." Ha! He's never tried to put his book collection into Library Thing! The ISBN system wasn't fully implemented until 1970 or thereabouts, and some of my books are way older than that. That means doing lookups by typing in the title and author name, which slows down the process. Nonetheless, it's an enlightening exercise. I find it very hard to believe, for example, that I'm the only person in the 4,500-user universe who has a copy of "The Complete Works of Shakespeare, with illustrations by Rockwell Kent." So far, though, that's what it tells me. I've got 200 books in there at this point, and I'm not even done with two shelves. You can see my profile here; there's a link to my catalog on that page.

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Good catch, man! I've popped this into my page for safe-keeping. Now if we could just get pattern-recognition working so that all we have to do is hold up the book (or CD/DVD/whatever) in front of the computer and it will read and catalog it for us!

Posted by: ruminator at September 29, 2005 12:46 PM