November 16, 2005

If they said this about me...

The I-G report (see here) from the Corp. for Public Broadcasting is now out, and our man Tomlinson does not come off like a champ.

The report said he violated federal law by being heavily involved in getting more than $4 million for a program featuring the conservative editorial writers of the Wall Street Journal. It said he imposed a "political test" to recruit a new president. And it said his decision to hire Republican consultants to defeat legislation violated contracting rules.


The report said that Mr. Tomlinson violated federal law by promoting "The Journal Editorial Report" and said he had "admonished C.P.B. senior executive staff not to interfere with his deal to bring a balancing program" to public broadcasting. The board is prohibited from getting involved in programming decisions, but the investigators found that Mr. Tomlinson had pushed hard for the program, even as some staff officials at the corporation raised concerns over its cost.

An e-mail from around the same time shows that he threatened to withhold some money to public broadcasting "in a New York minute" if public broadcasting did not balance its lineup.

He denies everything, of course; accountability in a Bush political appointee is non-existent, as we've seen (Hello, Michael Brown!).

The story says there are no sanctions or further action expected. Why not? If he broke federal law, shouldn't he be charged by somebody?

Update: The full Inspector General's report is here (pdf).

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This offers more information on the affair

Posted by: pixelshim at November 17, 2005 03:42 AM

Pix's link goes to the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal, where the company expresses its side of the story. That's always useful. Thanks.

Posted by: Linkmeister at November 17, 2005 07:49 AM

our man Tomlinson does not come off like a champ

No, he comes off like another of the myriad cronies of the Chimp in Chief. It's amazing how deep a reservoir of disgust and ire I can muster as these monsters grind our great nation into their dungheap.

Posted by: N in Seattle at November 17, 2005 01:38 PM