November 23, 2005

"The Plot Against America"

I finished reading The Plot Against America, Roth's fictional history of America if Lindbergh had run against FDR on an isolationist platform in 1940. Lindbergh's campaign is pure Rovian: he barnstorms all 48 states via his famous airplane, makes 50-word speeches ("My opponent will take you into war; I won't"), and carries all but two states. I don't find that an entirely unlikely scenario.

Roth tells this tale autobiographically; his 10-year-old self is the narrator. He conjures up precursors to relocation camps in the Midwest, Walter Winchell as a Presidential candidate whose assassination sets off pogroms against Jews in major cities, Jewish collaborators, and families torn apart by differing viewpoints about the direction Lindbergh takes America.

It's a scary scary book, and I suspect Roth (who might or might not deny it) was consciously trying to create an allegory for the current Administration, particularly the intolerance of dissent.

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