November 30, 2005

The only important election next year (!)

Here's the 2006 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot:

Rick Aguilera, Albert Belle, Bert Blyleven, Will Clark, Dave Concepcion, Andre Dawson, Gary DiSarcina, Alex Fernandez, Gary Gaetti, Steve Garvey, Dwight Gooden, Rich Gossage, Ozzie Guillen, Orel Hershiser, Gregg Jefferies, Tommy John, Doug Jones, Don Mattingly, Willie McGee, Hal Morris, Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Dave Parker, Jim Rice, Lee Smith, Bruce Sutter, Alan Trammell, Walt Weiss, John Wetteland.

Who deserves to get in? I strike Aguilera, Clark, DiSarcina, Fernandez, Gaetti, Garvey, Guillen, Jefferies, Jones, Mattingly, McGee, Hal Morris, Jack Morris, Weiss and Wetteland off immediately.

That leaves Belle, Blyleven, Gooden, Gossage, Hershiser, John, Murphy, Parker, Rice, Smith and Sutter.

Ok, Belle: 12-year career, lifetime BA .295, 381 HR, 1239 RBI. Pretty good, but not spectacular. Nope.

Blyleven: 22-year career, 287-250 W-L, 3.31 ERA, 3701 K. He played mostly on bad teams, which is why his losses are so high. Plus, 60 shutouts, 9th all time. Yup.

Gooden: 16-year career, 194-112 W-L, 3.51 ERA, 2293 K. Six excellent years to start his career, average after that. Nope.

Gossage: 22-year career, 124-107 W-L, 3.01 ERA, 1502 K, 310 SV. One of the first of the closers, in a time when the relief pitcher was routinely used for 2 and even 3 innings. Yup.

Hershiser: 18-year career, 204-150 W-L, 3.48 ERA, 2014 K. A very good career, but he's riding the one incredible year (1988) when he set the record for consecutive scoreless innings. Nope, not this year.

John: 26-year career, 288-231 W-L, 3.34 ERA, 2245 K. In a way it's too bad he was the first baseball player to have the arm-changing surgery which bears his name; it takes away from his baseball achievements. He had 46 shutouts, too. Yup.

Murphy: 18-year career, lifetime BA .265, 398 HR, 1266 RBI. A good career, but he only hit .300 twice in all that time. Nope.

Parker: 19-year career, lifetime BA .290, 339 HR, 1493 RBI. One of the most feared hitters of his day, he hit over .300 six times. Yup.

Rice: 16-year career, lifetime BA .298, 382 HR, 1451 RBI. A scary hitter, he hit over .300 seven times. Yup.

Smith: 18-year career, 71-92 W-L, 3.03 ERA, 1251 K, 478 SV. He led his league in saves 4 times and was in the top five 12 times. He's the career leader in that category. Absolutely yes.

Sutter: 12-year career, 68-71 W-L, 2.83 ERA, 861 K, 300 SV. Like Gossage, one of the first closers. He introduced the split-finger pitch. Top five in saves 8 times, first 5. Yes.

Charles Kuffner votes here.

Update: Somehow I neglected André Dawson: 21-year career, lifetime BA .279, 438 HR, 1591 RBI. He hit over .300 five times. If I'm gonna vote for Dave Parker, I gotta vote for the Hawk too. Yup.

Posted by Linkmeister at November 30, 2005 09:35 AM | TrackBack

I agree with you completely, except for maybe Tommy John.

Posted by: Solonor at November 30, 2005 01:36 PM

Actually, I take that back. I might put Mattingly on the list.

Posted by: Solonor at November 30, 2005 01:37 PM

Somehow I missed Dawson. I need to look at him.

Posted by: Linkmeister at November 30, 2005 01:55 PM

re: hersheiser...if not this year, when?

speaking of hall of famers, mrs. skippy and i were privileged enough to see a giants vs. marlins game this summer in the new park formerly known as 3com.

it was fortuituously gaylord perry appreciation night, when they retired his number. and in addition to perry, also in attendance were orlando cepeda, willie "say hey!" mays, and, number 44, willie mccovey!

it was baseball heaven to this old giants fan.ow,

Posted by: skippy at November 30, 2005 04:26 PM

My only comment about your selections is Belle. In my eyes, he's the classic Dizzy Dean/Sandy Koufax/Ralph Kiner type of inductee. Absolutely brilliant player whose career was cut short by injuries--Belle's last season was at the age of 33. You can argue over whether such players should be in the Hall or not, but since they are, it's clear that he's that type of player. For all his attitude, he was without doubt one of the best in the game for nine straight seasons.

Posted by: Talking Moose at December 6, 2005 03:26 AM