December 08, 2005

What institution's ethics?

My hypocrisy meter just pegged. From the Washington Times:

Congressional Republicans said they support Ambassador John R. Bolton's threat to block the U.N. budget unless it adopts reforms, and they are ready to back him up if changes aren't made.

"Whatever it takes," said Rep. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican. "We desperately need to reform that body."

U.N. budgets are usually adopted by consensus, and Mr. Bolton has said he will not agree to a budget unless the United Nations overhauls its operations by creating an ethics office and increasing oversight of U.N. activities. Still, there is nothing in the U.N. Charter that would prevent a General Assembly vote, and Mr. Bolton would be hard-pressed to win majority support. (Emphasis mine)

Look, Duke Cunningham! Under that rock, Jack Abramoff! Over there, Mike Scanlon! Behind that tree, David Safavian!

Rather than worry about a UN ethics office, Republicans should clean up their own act.

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I agree that politicians, left and right, should work to clean up their own acts. The influence of money from special interests has poisened the entire political process.

That being said, I feel that the it is appropriate to advocate major reform at the United Nations as well.

It is not just the extensive corruption exposed over the Food for Oil Program ( what did Kofi know and when did he know it . . and why did Volker overrule his own staff and excise references to Annan's dishonesty?)

We can also consider the covered up sex scandals in the Peacekeeper organization, or the blind eye to Palestinian atrocities.

Of course.. there is the joke that it is the Human Rights Commision.


"Clean up their own act first?" it is nother either/or.

I say work on both issues, as they both deserve urgent attention.

Posted by: pixelshim at December 9, 2005 04:27 AM