February 25, 2006

Let slip the dogs of war

In keeping with those two questions I asked below, try these on for size: Rumsfeld's notes from 9/11/2001 in which he clearly says

Resume Statement:

Best info fast
judge whether good enough
Hit S.H@ same time -
Not just UBL

Tasks Jim Haynes to talk w/ PW [presumably Paul Wolfowitz]
for additional support v/v Usis &
connection w/ UBL

[REDACTED (N.R. stands for Not Relevant)]

- Hard to get a good case

- Need to move swiftly -

Near term target needs -
- go massive - sweep it all up
- Things related & not

Need to do so
to get anything

You can see the documents as pdf files at the above link. In addition, they are posted at Flickr.

Think about that. The Pentagon is still burning, the plane in Pennsylvania is smoldering, the WTC hunt for survivors is going on, and the Secretary of Defense is already thinking about how to tie Saddam Hussein in with Osama bin Laden. We've known this for some time (Paul O'Neill mentions it in his book), but here's the visual evidence of the underpinnings of the war in Iraq being designed before any facts about the 9/11 attacks have been discovered.

If there were honest Republicans, the plans for impeachment would be underway. "High crimes and misdemeanors" indeed.

via Brad DeLong

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