March 11, 2006

Vinyl to CD

Hmm. If you've got a laptop and a vinyl collection, this gadget might be the way to make CDs out of all those albums. You can edit the sound levels using Audacity, an open-source program supplied with the turntable. I wonder if I could get a 40-foot long USB cable?

Of course, this presumes you've got a lot of hard disk capacity; the rule of thumb seems to be one LP equals 500mb. Add in the software required (one-time only, I presume) and you're using up one GB for the first album and 500mb for each one after that.

Posted by Linkmeister at March 11, 2006 12:59 PM | TrackBack

Wow, cool. And it's not even overly expensive.

Posted by: Kim at March 12, 2006 12:23 PM

I sense a return to vinyl. The album covers just can't be the "Surrealistic Pillow" one that is in my possession...

Posted by: toxiclabrat at March 14, 2006 08:06 AM