April 08, 2006

Tonight's special: Iran?

Sy Hersh has another article in the New Yorker which goes into rather terrifying detail about the Bush Administration's latest thinking about Iran. It includes such niceties as the preemptive use of tactical weapons against "hundreds" of sites around the country. Some of those weapons might be nuclear.

Has no one in the Administration learned a damned thing from Iraq? Do they think the United States has a monopoly on nationalism and on outrage and fury when attacked?

If there were anything more likely to rally Iranians (some 75 million, I think) behind their President, it would surely be an attack by The Great Satan. Iran has connections with terrorist groups all over the Middle East, including Hezbollah; do our misguided leaders seriously think those groups wouldn't be delighted to attack this country and its few remaining allies?

Don't doubt this is possible, either. Take note of what the Administration's people have been doing recently:

In a recent essay on the Foreign Policy Web site, entitled "Fool Me Twice," Joseph Cirincione, the director for nonproliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, wrote, "The unfolding administration strategy appears to be an effort to repeat its successful campaign for the Iraq war." He noted several parallels:
The vice president of the United States gives a major speech focused on the threat from an oil-rich nation in the Middle East. The U.S. Secretary of State tells Congress that the same nation is our most serious global challenge. The Secretary of Defense calls that nation the leading supporter of global terrorism.

Yep. If Congress allows itself (Democrats or Republicans) to get led down another garden path by our imperialist leaders, the United States will have turned the corner towards its ultimate collapse in a sea of its own hubris.

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