April 12, 2006


Mom just told me the coffee tasted good today. "Good, I'm glad," I said. Then I realized that I rarely notice the taste of the stuff until at least the second cup. Who's with me?

Posted by Linkmeister at April 12, 2006 08:34 AM | TrackBack

I rarely notice I have a tongue let alone that it's tasting anything until about the fourth or fifth cup in the morning.

Now, as for coffee when I'm awake and sensible, after dinner, say...that's a good quesiton. I'll test it out tonight. But I think I may be like you here.

Posted by: Lance Mannion at April 12, 2006 01:22 PM

Don't drink coffee. I can offer no opinion.

But, I'm commenting just the same. :)

Posted by: shelley at April 12, 2006 03:46 PM

Since most of the time my first cup is a cup of instant coffee, that I drink while I'm preparing the non-instant coffee, I'd have to agree. :-)

I've also noticed that coffee is only at the perfect temperature for about 40 seconds...before it's drinkable it's too hot, then it's perfect for about 40 seconds, then it's 'good but could be hotter' lol

Posted by: Scott at April 12, 2006 08:20 PM

First sip to last of the first cup is fully appreciated and enjoyed. The second, third, and fourth cups are habit and snarfed down without much regard. Last cup of the day is sipped with full appreciation 'cause it's going to be a long haul 'til the next one.

Posted by: Kate at April 13, 2006 11:59 AM

I purchased a coffee mill, tinkered with the grind settings, water=to=grinds ratio, and the type of beans, and now love my coffee from the first sip.

Posted by: pixelshim at April 14, 2006 02:55 AM