April 28, 2006


Has there ever been a more over-hyped event of so little interest to the majority of the American population as the NFL Draft? It's a crapshoot, people. You can't project how well college football players will perform when they get to the NFL. You can hope, but how many Heisman Trophy winners have gone bust when they got into the pros?

Here are the winners since 1996:
2004 Matt Leinart
2003 Jason White
2002 Carson Palmer
2001 Eric Crouch
2000 Chris Weinke
1999 Ron Dayne
1998 Ricky Williams
1997 Charles Woodson
1996 Danny Wuerffel

Leinart stayed in school, so he's in this year's draft. White? Who's he? Palmer? Had a good year last season. Crouch? Pretty much a bust so far. Weinke? Is he still in the league? Dayne? Barely gets the ball anymore. Williams? Suspended twice for drug violations, includng this upcoming season. Woodson? An All-Star. Wuerffel? Is he still playing?

I think the only reason ESPN televises this is to fill time and keep Mel Kiper Jr. employed.

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