September 26, 2006

Constitutional risk

Trust the Republicans to allow the White House to broaden the definition of unlawful combatants to include anyone who "has engaged in hostilities or who has purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States or its military allies." That's sufficiently broad, don't you think? My goodness, as Rummy would say, there might be a guy who tithes 10% of his income to a mosque somewhere, and that mosque (or synagogue, or church) might indirectly feed people who might do us harm.

Then there's the NSA wiretapping bill. Some previously-balky Senators have now agreed to provisions which will seemingly broaden the President's authority to bug anybody's mail, phone, or e-mail.

Under the change, the lawmakers said, the administration would be expected to obtain a warrant if the attorney general cannot certify a "reasonable expectation" that the warrantless surveillance will not involve a U.S. citizen.

Does anyone really believe that the Senate won't blindly accept whatever crap Atty. General Gonzales offers them as a "reasonable expectation?"

The Democrats have to win in November or this country's Constitution will become nothing more than last week's fishwrap.

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