October 10, 2006

Fair or unfair?

The NYT is running a four-part series about religious institutions and the kind of exemptions federal, state and local governments give to them, often for reasons some might think specious.

For example, why should Disney World be subject to all the usual business regulations and taxes, while a Biblical theme park right down the road be free of those burdens? Why should a nun-in-training be dismissed from her convent with the loss of her health insurance after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and have no recourse? Why should property taxes be waived for a church which owns a nursing home, when across the street there's a non-religious home which is required to pay them?

The series raises interesting questions of that nature. Taxpayers in some communities are saying that their burden is being increased because the churches aren't required to carry their fair share, even though the churches use public facilities like roads, libraries, water, etcetera.

It's definitely worth the read.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

I'll update with a link to Part Four tomorrow. Done

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