October 22, 2006

Ways to Win

A friend of mine just called me to say he had a little money he wanted to donate to the Democrats, but he wanted info as to how he could get the most bang for his buck. He also mentioned that he has a list of fellow alumni from an organization he used to work for (no names, but it was headed by Sargent Shriver when it began in the Kennedy Administration) and he wanted to pass the info along. Here's what I came up with:

Here's the Congressional Committee site.
Take note of 3-for-1 matching donation from House Leadership:

With only days remaining, it is critical that each one of us do what we can to ensure victory. Your contribution will be matched 3-to-1 by Democratic House Leadership for every dollar contributed online, effectively giving you four times the impact. The DCCC needs your help to ensure not one of our candidates loses for a lack of resources.

Here's the Senate Committee site.
Another 3-for-1 deal:
For every dollar contributed by October 31 as a result of this request, a group of Senate Democrats will raise an additional two dollars - effectively tripling your gift.

For individual races within districts, Act Blue is another way:
(here's the search tool for race/state)

The DCCC has a list of "emerging races" that weren't originally thought to be competitive but now seem to be.

Washington Post has a full list of races.

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca) has a good PAC (PAC for Change) which works for candidates selected by people on her mailing list.

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) also has one. He's got lists of people (drop-down menu: Featured Patriots) selected by the grassroots that's he's funding through the PAC. In addition, he's working to get honest Secretaries of State (who usually run elections -- think Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell) elected.

If you feel similarly motivated, steal from this list. By all means add more in the comments.

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