March 26, 2007

Knock it off

I've seen hand-wringing by some that John Edwards surely couldn't focus on being President while his wife has a terminal illness, including a question on that point from Katie Couric on 60 Minutes last night.


There are thousands of Americans whose spouses are terminally ill; do they all stop working at the first diagnosis and go into permanent care-giver mode? Of course not. They may need to adjust their lives to fit with the treatment schedule, but they don't give up on careers, on life, or on anything else.

In addition, we've had Presidents whose own health might have suggested to outsiders that they should have quit or never run for the office; did FDR or JFK or Ike do so? Certainly not.

Let's have no more of this pundit projection. It's insulting.

Posted by Linkmeister at March 26, 2007 10:47 AM | TrackBack

The whole thing is BS. If he had left the race, they'd have said "You see, this is proof that he couldn't hold the job of President, where one has to deal with many crises at the same time." No matter what a Democrat does, the liberal media will criticize him/her for it.

Posted by: Serge at March 27, 2007 04:06 AM

I'm with you on this one Linky -- surprise! Granted, I wasn't terminal, but required a lot of caregiving. My husband was able to keep up with his very difficult job and me (not such an eas patient) all at the same time. If he can do it, so can John Edwards.

It's also so absurd how out of one side of the mouth they talk about personal life being irrelevant (Bill Clinton) and out of the other that it is relevant. Bunch o crap. I hate the news media.

Posted by: Faith at March 27, 2007 09:08 AM