June 28, 2007

Racial hatred 2, Fairness 0

What can we conclude from the demise of the immigration bill and the SCOTUS school decision today?

Why, that the conservative party of this country really does want to move society back to a time when black and Hispanic people were invisible at best and a troublesome minority to be trampled at worst.

I liked this, from Justice Breyer's dissent:

Indeed, the consequences of the approach the Court takes today are serious. Yesterday, the plans under review were lawful. Today, they are not. Yesterday, the citizens of this Nation could look for guidance to this Court's unanimous pronouncements concerning desegregation. Today, they cannot. Yesterday, school boards had available to them a full range of means to combat segregated schools. Today, they do not.

Elections matter.

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Comcast's web site had an item about the Senate voting against the Bill. The title made a reference to their driving a stake into it and had a photo of Ted Kennedy. I'm not sure what the message is... That Democrats are spiteful people who will overkill their political ennemies? Or that Ted Kennedy is Abraham van Helsing, who stands between us and the blood-suckers in the GOP?

Posted by: Serge at June 29, 2007 01:56 AM