June 29, 2007

Misleading survey

Over at My Left Nutmeg mr B got the same Republican National Committee survey I just did. It's got some really misleading questions in it.

For example, under "Homeland Security," this question:

Should we do everything we can to stop the Democrats from repealing critical border and port security legislation?

Well now. My memory is that every time Democrats attempt to amend legislation to move money in the direction of port security, the Republicans override the amendment and send that money to Wyoming.

For example, under "Economic Issues," this question:

Should Republicans renew the fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment?

Hahahahaha! From a trillion-dollar surplus when the Administration took office to a multi-billion dollar deficit now. I can only quote John McEnroe: "You cannot be serious!"

For example, under "Defense Issues," this question:

Do you think U.S. troops should have to serve under United Nations commanders?

Get real. That's never happened in the 60 years of the UN's existence, and it won't no matter what the Republicans say. It's a tired old claim they put out whenever a Democrat is in the White House. Even in Kosovo the Americans in NATO were commanded by a US general (Wes Clark, NATO commander; perhaps they've heard of him?).

The funniest thing is this poormouthing, "But at a cost of $.40 each, our CENSUS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY will cost over $2.48 million." That's followed by a request for funds to defray the cost.

Self-delusional, ya think?

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