July 08, 2007

Don't know much about history

David Halberstam, in what may have been his last article before his death, pretty much proves that Bush is channeling Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits rather than David McCullough when he claims he's like Harry Truman.

... it was Truman's decision to meet MacArthur's challenge, even though he surely knew he would be the short-term loser, that has elevated his presidential stock.

George W. Bush's relationship with his military commander was precisely the opposite. He dealt with the ever so malleable General Tommy Franks, a man, Presidential Medal of Freedom or no, who is still having a difficult time explaining to his peers in the military how Iraq happened, and how he agreed to so large a military undertaking with so small a force. It was the president, not the military or the public, who wanted the Iraq war, and Bush used the extra leverage granted him by 9/11 to get it. His people skillfully manipulated the intelligence in order to make the war seem necessary, and they snookered the military on force levels and the American public on the cost of it all. The key operative in all this was clearly Vice President Cheney, supremely arrogant, the most skilled of bureaucrats, seemingly the toughest tough guy of them all, but eventually revealed as a man who knew nothing of the country he wanted to invade and what that invasion might provoke.

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Honolulu Weekly (7/04-7/10) has an article about the cost of the Iraqi War to Hawaii state, itself.

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If you want to read a "true" historian, google David Barton. . .Guaranteed to make you cringe and/or appreciate dubbya's comprehension of history.

Posted by: DuWayne at July 9, 2007 04:57 PM