July 11, 2007

Summer of Love

In comments below, my friend ToxicLabRat mentions the 40th anniversary issue of Rolling Stone.

Well. Since I was a college freshman that summer, how could I help but go buy the thing?

In an article about the dual-track histories of 1967 (free love and hippies over here, while over there Reagan was elected governor of California and 47 other conservatives were elected to the US House, including Bush Sr.), a familiar person is quoted:

"If you look back on the Sixties and on balance you think there was more good than harm in it, you're probably a Democrat," Clinton observed. "If you think that there was more harm than good, then you're probably a Republican."

It's got some exceptional articles, both critical and admiring, but more than that, it's got gorgeous photographs from the period. If you've got a spare $6.95, and you either remember those days or would like to, go buy it.

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