July 16, 2007

The intertubes meetup, v. 3.0

I just got back from a pleasant morning and early afternoon meeting with someone I met via comments at Making Light. We were to meet at Gymboree (she has a daughter and we thought that would entertain her), but it turns out that the place isn't an indoor gym or play place, but a retail store. I wonder how I got that wrong.

Anyway, we went downstairs to the Food Court at Ala Moana Shopping Center and drank coffee and tea for a while, chattering a mile a minute.

One of my new acquaintance's desires while on Oahu was to go to Aloha Hula Supply to pick up an ipu or gourd, used to accompany the dance. She had planned on a taxi, but that seemed silly to me so I offered to take the two of them there.

It's an interesting place, about a block north of the main prison on Oahu. It's got a tiny display office and a warehouse/manufacturing area off to the right of the office. There were lots of ipu hanging on wires suspended between the walls of the warehouse, and several people carving away at the raw material for more.

Fun stuff. I got to meet somebody new and I got to see something I'd never seen before. How much more can one ask of a Monday?

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