October 02, 2007

Who's gonna blink?

New poll results seem to show the Republicans who continue to block action to stop the Iraq War are increasingly on the wrong side of the issue, but will they recognize it?

There is broader public agreement on how Congress should approach war funding. About a quarter of adults want Congress to fund fully the administration's $190 billion request; seven in 10 want the proposed allocation reduced, with 46 percent wanting it cut sharply or entirely. About seven in 10 independents want Congress to cut back funds allocated for the war effort, as do nearly nine in 10 Democrats; 46 percent of Republicans agree.

You know, if I were a Republican Senator or Representative facing re-election in November of 2008 and I looked at those results, I think I'd be checking my hole card. I'd quickly decide that that hole card did not show George Bush's or Dick Cheney's face, and I'd start thinking about switching my vote. I'd start with the $190 billion the Administration wants to fund ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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