October 25, 2007

Magic marker erased

In American Theocracy Phillips spends a lot of time discussing the denial of scientific fact the Republican party has been practicing. Yesterday the news broke that the White House had redacted the Congressional testimony of the Center for Disease Control's Director from fourteen pages down to six. Science Progress has managed to get a copy of the original testimony and has published it here.

Among the items the White House didn't like are these:

In the United States, climate change is likely to have a significant impact on health, through links with the following outcomes:
  • Direct effects of heat,
  • Health effects related to extreme weather events,
  • Air pollution-related health effects,
  • Allergic diseases,
  • Water- and food-borne infectious diseases,
  • Vector-borne and zoonotic diseases,
  • Food and water scarcity, at least for some populations,
  • Mental health problems, and
  • Long-term impacts of chronic diseases and other health effects

In the redacted testimony SP provides, each of those subjects has a paragraph devoted to it which outlines in further detail what CDC projects. Some of it's intuitive, all of it's important, and most of it is being not just ignored by the current federal government but actively obstructed.

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