February 01, 2008

Lost, Season Four, Episode 1

Dude. You parachute into a jungle clearing where there are two people, one male and one female, and you ask, "Are you Jack?"

More after the break.

So we know Jack, Kate and Hurley survive, and three more (the Oceanic Six). We know Charlie's ghost can appear. We know Hurley regrets going with Locke, which implies something bad happened to that group. We know there's a guy who wants to move Hurley into a private institution, ostensibly as a favor from Oceanic Air.

And I'm as puzzled as ever.

Ryan hasn't posted his thoughts yet, but I imagine he will shortly at The Transmission.

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That is a good review; I'll keep the site on my Friday morning reading list. Thanks.

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Here is another good site. I think the reviewer is the best I have seen.


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