April 03, 2008

Not one of those again!

I said the other day that every possessor of an MBA degree has probably silently said to George W. Bush, "Thanks, pal. Like anyone in the country will ever vote for me because of that credential. You ruined it, man."

Apparently the NYT thinks like I do:

For a man who came into office as the nationís first M.B.A. president, Mr. Bush has sometimes seemed invisible during the housing and credit crunch. As the economy eclipses Iraq as the top issue on votersí minds, even some Republican allies of the president say Mr. Bush is being eclipsed and is in danger of looking out of touch.

Of course, on past performance, I don't trust him to do anything useful for we hoi polloi anyway.

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Remember how he used to say he wasn't interested in Nation-building? He obviously isn't interested in Nation-maintenance either.

Posted by: Serge at April 3, 2008 07:56 AM