February 28, 2009

I feel her pain

Mom has determined that now is the time to go through 60 years of photo albums, winnow out the pictures to keep as representative, and scan them to disc.

She's gone through half of one album containing pictures beginning in roughly 1942. It's a treat to look at hairstyles and cars from back then, but the tedium of the scanning and saving to disc is not going to be fun.

Has anyone found photo storage software which allows introductory text to be added to a disc? I've thought of just typing up a simple text file in Notepad and saving it to the same disc, but I'm open to suggestions.

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I use Roxio's Easy Media Creater for this sort of effort. You can also use PowerPoint but it's sort of clunky.

Posted by: Karan at March 1, 2009 08:48 AM