March 02, 2009


Holy smokes, that was easy. After conferring with some friends at Hawaii Threads, I went out and bought this wireless router. I unplugged the power supplies, unplugged the DSL modem from the old wired router, plugged it into the new wireless router, plugged the power supplies back in, restarted, and the desktop worked immediately and reflected the wireless network as viable. Then I turned on the laptop, searched for the network I'd just established, connected to it, and Bob's your uncle.

I then set up the security for the network, and that was that.

Huh. Now if I can figure out the correct USB wireless adapter for Mom's MSNTV2 receiver. . .

Here are Microsoft's instructions about tested adapters which

are compatible with MSN TV 2, but are generally no longer available at retail. If you are looking for a wireless adapter, we recommend you search for the product via online retailers or online auction sites.

Is that useless or what?

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YIPPEE!!!!! Wireless is wonderful.

Posted by: tomorrow at March 2, 2009 05:06 PM

Welcome to the wireless world! A bit ago I had to go back to wired for a short period, and I was shocked at how primitive it seemed. It's so easy to get used to luxuries!

Posted by: Juli Thompson at March 4, 2009 12:12 PM