February 06, 2010

Mmm, the tried and true

I'm taking my usual Super Bowl Crab Dip to the game tomorrow, and I'm taking along Ritz crackers. It occurred to me that if I really wanted to impress, I'd find some upscale crackers instead, but I guess I don't care about impressions; I'm up for tasty. This may be why I occasionally like iceberg lettuce smothered in Thousand Island dressing, too.

I remember hating salads as a kid. Then, when I was 12, we left Los Angeles for Washington DC in a car (a 1962 Plymouth Valiant with push-button transmission on the dash, no less). On our first night out we stopped at a Howard Johnson's motel. I astonished my parents by eating every bite of the salad I was served with my burger. What sort of salad? Yup, iceberg lettuce with Thousand Island and a big tomato wedge.

Posted by Linkmeister at February 6, 2010 11:59 AM | TrackBack

funny you should mention iceberg lettuce. I remember that was the salad of choice at weddings. A big wedge of iceberg lettuce covered with orange "French" dressing.
While the band played romantic tunes as we waited for the bride and groom to be officially announced as "Mr and Mrs....." to our awaiting applause..

Posted by: toxiclabrat at February 7, 2010 04:00 AM

I'll be trying that dip soon. And I'll serve it with crackers - but don't know what kind yet.

Thanks for the recipe.

Posted by: cassie-b at February 7, 2010 07:35 AM