February 23, 2010

Lost, Season 6, Episode 5

Blurb: Hurley tries to persuade Jack to go with him on an unspecified mission; Jin has an encounter with an old friend.

We can surmise that the old friend Jin meets is Claire, since she appeared as Rambo in the last scene two weeks ago.


Alan Sepinwall

EW Preview

The bad news is that the show is up against the Women's Figure Skating short program and we don't have a DVR.

Well, that was unexpected. Jacob's reappearance was perhaps predictable, but Claire's alliance with dead Locke certainly surprised me. So did Jin's sudden lie to Claire about Kate and Aaron.

Jack having a ten-year-old son was also a head-swiveler; either he's been married and divorced to someone other than Sarah or there was more time in that marriage than we previously knew.

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