February 24, 2010

Limerick challenge!

Mad Kane has thrown down a limerick challenge. Go over to that post, then start your limerick with the words "There once was a woman named Ann"

Remember that the limerick form is AABBA; the first two lines rhyme; the second two lines rhyme; then the last line should rhyme with the first two. I blew that on my first attempt:

There once was a woman named Ann
Whose life, it was said, had no plan
So she enrolled in a course
In economics, perforce
Then she got a good job on the Bourse!
but realized it and tried again:
There once was a woman named Ann
Who lived all her life in Milan
But then a man beckoned
And thus (who’d have reckoned?)
She found herself mushing in Ketchikan!

Posted by Linkmeister at February 24, 2010 02:01 PM | TrackBack

Thanks for the mention, and thanks for joining in on the limerick fun! I do these Limerick-Offs roughly once a week. Hope you'll keep participating.

Also, I'm running them on Facebook as well, if you're on Facebook.

Thanks again!

Posted by: Mad Kane at February 24, 2010 03:05 PM

I'll put mine here for your amusement:

There once was a woman named Ann
Whose shirttail got caught in a fan.
It shredded her top,
Someone called a cop,
And they took her away in the van.

I couldn't find Mad Kane for sure on Facebook.

Posted by: hedera at February 25, 2010 09:39 AM

Breaking the rule for the hell of it:

There once was a woman named Ayn
who couldn't get men to recline.
She started a cult
with the happy result
that the men were all standing in line.

Posted by: Bruce Cohen (SpeakerToManagers) at February 26, 2010 09:22 AM