February 25, 2010

Whaddya mean "out of touch?"

Ezra Klein:

Sen. John Barrasso, for instance, just mentioned that a Canadian premier recently got heart surgery in Miami. Best health care in the world, baby!

But presumably that premier either could afford to fly to Miami and pay for the procedure on his own or Canada Health paid for it. How about the counter clerk in Elkhart whose company just stopped providing health insurance for its employees because it got priced out of the market?

People should ask themselves a very simple question: Do they think they are likelier to lose their job and fall into the health-care situation of the uninsured? Or are they likelier to become an influential politician and enjoy the health-care options available to the most powerful people in the world?
Another thing: the Senators and Representatives in that room, even if they lose their next election, can likely get a new job with health insurance as a lobbyist or corporate director; our fictional Elkhart retail clerk probably doesn't have those options. Oh, and he or she is probably not yet eligible for Medicare, whereas most Senators and many Representatives may well be.

I swear I have not been watching the coverage. I swear it! It's a coincidence that Obama just made the same point!

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Get well son Sen. Barasso!

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