April 15, 2011

A near sting in the House

This I like.

The RSC is a very large bloc of conservative Republican House members. They introduced a 10-year plan for America that makes the already far-reaching House budget look fairly moderate. It was supposed to be a symbolic vote -- one that allowed conservative members to go on the record in support of slashing $9 trillion in spending knowing full well it would never be adopted as the official position of the House and the Republican Party.

Except. Steny Hoyer and the Dems all voted "Present" rather than "No" on the thing, and suddenly this politically-radioactive budget was about to pass and be there to hang around every Republican up for re-election next November. So the Republicans had to scramble and change a bunch of their own votes to "No" to keep that from happening.

A clever sting indeed, Democrats.

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There is still hope that the Democrats will get the upper hand in the debate over the budget. Of course this will be added to the Rove playbook of potential future tricks.

Posted by: LumFan at April 15, 2011 08:33 PM