May 12, 2011

Moving Day!

And . . . I'm live with Word Press!

I ended up with a different theme than the one I'd been fiddling with. After I populated the sidebars I plugged a post into the center column and decided it was way too crowded and busy-looking, with not enough margin on either side of the post box to make the entries stand out. There was a ton of empty space on each side of the data, too, which seemed wasteful. Rather than muck about with stylesheets I went digging through the gazillion free themes available through Word Press and found several that overcame those perceived problems.

I still have some tweaking to do, and there are some utilities I'd like to see in Word Press that I haven't found yet. For starters, I'd like to be able to do a search for a specific word or phrase and then replace the category for each entry with a meaningful one without having to do it post-by-post. Also, I think I saw something in the settings somewhere which sets links to open in new tabs/windows, but I didn't immediately do it when I saw it and now I've lost it.

Anyway, I'm up and running over at the Word Press version of Linkmeister, nine years and two months after going to Movable Type. Please change your blogroll link accordingly.

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