Comments: Authenticity

Link, you've made a good point here, I'll have to admit. Bush has not been upfront with the American public about his Gaurd service even though he's released some files on his tenure. On the other hand, Kerry has not been completely upfront about his service in Vietnam and his activities thereafter.

I really wish that one of these 'men' would have enough gumption to just come clean, completely. If Bush screwed around during his tenure in the Guard, he needs to admit it and lay everything to rest. Likewise, Kerry should just come clean in regards to his activity in Vietnam and his anti-war activity there-after. Whether or not any of this is a basis to judge candidacy for presidency or not is another discussion completely. But my opinion is that it is not, on either side.

Posted by Josh at September 10, 2004 12:25 PM

I dunno...I sort of think that the real issue is that the republicans are bad mouthing Kerry's real war efforts and suggesting that his purple hearts were earned as a result of something other than heroism during tours of duty in Viet Nam while at the same time buffing up Bush's heroic efforts protecting Texas and Alabama for the 18 months he was actually enlisted....nevermind if he showed up for work or not.

I think that this whold superscript effort is just more Bush diversions.

Posted by Karan at September 10, 2004 03:14 PM