Comments: Norquist's agenda

Political spews abound..and are read ad nauseum..the simple fact is that Bush lied..
If the Gov't can put Martha Stewart on trial for her "lies"...why can the Gov't put Bush on trial???

Posted by toxiclabrat at February 8, 2004 04:03 AM

Republican operatives in Boston? Dude, stop trying to blow my cover.

Posted by Jen at February 8, 2004 04:07 AM

That's one of the most concise summations of the realpolitik in this election as any I've read.

Nice to see that the other side has it sussed out. Too bad so few pundits see it as clearly.

Posted by Alwin Hawkins at February 8, 2004 09:19 AM

Bulletin board material, if anyone on our side notices.

Posted by Linkmeister at February 8, 2004 07:07 PM