July 02, 2007

There are no quick fixes

Harpers Magazine has a series of essays in its June issue entitled "Undoing Bush: how to repair eight years of sabotage, bungling, and neglect."

Here are the areas addressed with the authors' names; there are links to each essay at the main page cited above:

  • The Constitution
    by David Cole
  • The courts
    by Dahlia Lithwick
  • Civil service
    by Ken Silverstein
  • The environment
    by Bill McKibben
  • Science
    by Chris (Chris C.) Mooney
  • The economy
    by Dean Baker
  • The marketplace of ideas
    by Jack Hitt
  • Intelligence
    by James Bamford
  • The military
    by Edward Luttwak
  • Diplomacy
    by Anne-Marie Slaughter
  • The national character
    by Earl Shorris

I think I want this in paper form.

via Susie Madrak

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