July 12, 2007

Walks, talks, quacks like a duck

Dear Senator Reid,

If the Republicans in the Senate keep obstructing legislation, please call it the filibuster it is. You're losing the public relations war (and it is a war; did you learn nothing from the "nuclear option" phrase so happily sold to the media?).

In this case it was legislation that would ensure that soldiers get adequate time at home before redeployment. Since we all know that many of these men and women are on their second and even third tours in Iraq and/or Afghanistan (for reference, the standard tour in Vietnam was one year; you had to volunteer to go back for a second one), this is an easy sell to the American public. If the Republicans can't be made to look like the follow-Bush-to-hell-no-matter-what idiots they are on this issue, they probably can't be painted as fools on anything.

Stand up and shout "Obstruction!", Senator.

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